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Two bed appartment oil centeral heating en suite bedroom. Bathroom sitting room come kitchen.shop retail unit ...

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Kilmallock Area Description

Kilmallock (Cill Mocheallg in Irish) is a historic and sporting town in south County Limerick, Ireland, near the border with County Cork. There is a Dominican Priory in the town and King's Castle (or King John's Castle). The remains of medieval walls which encircled the settlement are still visible. The DublinCork railway line passes by the town, but the station is now closed. The nearest train station is in Charleville, County Cork, just a few miles south west of Kilmallock. It was a town of considerable importance in the late medieval period, ranking as one of the main urban areas in Ireland at the time. Cill Cill Mocheallg founded the church. Cill is Irish for "church" - therefore the church of Mocheallg. Kilmallock Priory In 1571, the town was burned by the rebel Earl of Desmond during the Desmond Rebellions. Seventy years later, during the Irish Confederate Wars, the Dominican Priory of Kilmallock was attacked and destroyed by a Parliamentary Army under Lord Inchiquin in 1648. Its noble ruins are the best known historic landmark of Kilmallock. The local cemetery is the burial place of the famous eighteenth century poet Andrias Mac Craith better known as An Mangaire Sgach, whose most famous poem is "Sln le Migh", a song in praise of the entire Maigue valley when he was temporarily exiled from it. The house where he died still stands at the bottom of Wolfe Tone street near the River Loobagh. The house known as Tigh An Fhile has information panels about the poet at the doorway. The town also has a small museum depicting the historic past of this once great Geraldine fortress town. It is located on the way to the Dominican Priory. During the battle of Killmallock the town saw bitter fighting in July 1922 during the Irish Civil War, when it was held by anti-Treaty forces under Liam Deasy and eventually taken by Free State troops under Eoin O'Duffy, which was an event which among others contributed to the dissolution of the short-lived Munster Republic. As part of a short lived but vicious sectarian campaign in July 1935, arsonists burnt the Church of Ireland building to the ground, causing damage costing thousands of pounds.

Source : Wikipedia.org

Kilmallock House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2020-11-13 Emmet St, Kilmallock, Limerick € 95000
2020-10-16 9 The Avenue, Ros Mor, Kilmallock Road € 237885
2020-10-12 1 The Avenue Ros Mor, Kilmallock Road, Crossagalla € 255506
2020-10-09 Vale View House, Garrienderk, Kilmallock € 155000
2020-10-08 Ballymac, Kilmallock, Limerick € 110000
2020-09-25 5 The Avenue, Ros Mor, Kilmallock Road € 214098
2020-09-10 Emmet St, Kilmallock, Limerick € 75000
2020-09-04 Gortboy, Kilmallock, Co Limerick € 100000
2020-09-02 15 Gortboy, Kilmallock, Limerick € 10000
2020-08-21 Labbamlogga, Glenroe, Kilmallock € 135000
2020-08-18 Graiganster, Kilmallock, Limerick € 10000
2020-08-17 22 Sycamore Dr, Kilmallock, Limerick € 190000
2020-08-04 Portauns, Kilmallock, Limerick € 185000
2020-07-30 21 Millmount, Kilmallock, Co Limerick € 125000
2020-07-21 3 The Avenue, Ros Mor, Kilmallock Road € 233480
2020-06-19 12 Seven Oaks, Kilmallock Road, Limerick € 204000
2020-06-12 Gormanstown, Bulgaden, Kilmallock € 60000
2020-05-29 Ardkilmartin, Kilmallock, Co Limerick € 168000
2020-05-29 Moorestown, Kilmallock, Colimeerick € 112000
2020-05-15 Parkinsons Flats, Sarsfield St, Kilmallock € 58750
2020-05-13 119 Ash Hill Manor, Kilmallock, Co Limerick € 160000
2020-05-07 Gibbinstown, Kilmallock, Limerick € 272500
2020-04-21 31 The Meadows, Ros Mor, Kilmallock Road Crossagalla € 242290
2020-03-20 Jamestown, Kilmallock, Limerick € 179000
2020-03-05 26 The Meadows, Rosmor, Kilmallock Road € 247077
2020-02-28 28 The Meadows, Ros Mor, Kilmallock Road € 235682
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